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Living Last Place: Maine's Online Music Community

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Attention As Fast As, Rocktopus & Rustic Overtones Fans! [Jan. 16th, 2007|04:41 pm]
Living Last Place: Maine's Online Music Community

Popsicko CD on eBay!
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(no subject) [Jan. 25th, 2006|11:38 am]
Living Last Place: Maine's Online Music Community
Does anyone know who directed Matchbook Romance's new video 'Monsters'? I can't stop watching it!!!!
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(no subject) [Nov. 21st, 2005|02:08 pm]
Living Last Place: Maine's Online Music Community
Lately I've been getting into hardcore and haven't found anything new thats too exciting, but this band "I Am Ghost"... whoa, amazing. They are really unique, I can't even describe them. I really recommend checking out one of their songs here! Also! When did Epitaph get the new site layout? Its insane!!! Are there any bands similar to these guys that you recommend?
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(no subject) [Aug. 9th, 2005|10:27 am]
Living Last Place: Maine's Online Music Community
Anyone into Motion City Soundrack here? I thought some of you might be interested to know they are going to be on MTV TOMORROW night for the "10 Spot Drop". They're supposed to be interviewed and premiering the video for "Everything is Alright". I think the new video is up on the mtv site right now too, if you want to check it out before it's premired! Its really an awesome video! You can download the song for free on MTV.com too, plus they are supposed to have some free Motion City Soundrack ringtones and other stuff next week!
They are also supposed to be on Conan O'Brien on August 17. Plus they're Warped Tour right now and will be on the Nintendo Fusion Tour in the Fall!
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(no subject) [Aug. 4th, 2005|01:45 pm]
Living Last Place: Maine's Online Music Community
Who here is into Pennywise? I'm really just getting into them, so help me out! Has anyone heard anything about their new release 'The Fuse'? I just picked up one of their older cds and would like to get another one. I've read one review on it and it was said to be an amazing record!!! What do you think?
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(no subject) [Jul. 29th, 2005|09:57 am]
Living Last Place: Maine's Online Music Community
Great news - though I may be late!
When I went to Warped Tour a few weeks ago, I went over to the Dropkick Murphy's tent and they were telling me about the new GIVE 'EM THE BOOT DVD from Hellcat that is going to be released next week. I've been waiting for something on the Hellcat bands and it's finally here. Its supposed to have lots of live performances by bands like Rancid, Transplants, Horrorpops, Tiger Army, and a lot more. Joe Strummer and Iggy Pop are on it too...plus all the Hellcat bands. By far this will be one of the best music DVD release all year!
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EvolvingArtist.com Event for THE GRUMPS! [Nov. 24th, 2004|11:18 am]
Living Last Place: Maine's Online Music Community

Hello all!

There will be a live webcast at 8:00 PM tonight featuring the AWESOME Grumps!  Check it out at the Evolving Artist Website. 


The Grumps will be playing at Liquid Blue on Friday, November 26th from 7:00 - 10:00 PM.  Visit their website to learn more and find out where else you can see them play!  If you haven't heard or seen The Grumps, check out their MP3's here!

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introoo [Aug. 15th, 2004|10:00 pm]
Living Last Place: Maine's Online Music Community

[music |brand new]

hey my names celena
im 16 and in the saco area.
some of my fav bands areee...brand new, senses fail, tbs, dashboard confessional, fall out boy, bright eyes, alkaline trio, trapt, the used, story of the year, boxcar racer...yea many more. anyways just saying hi cause im new. anyone else in here in the saco area...or waterboro. my dads moving there very soon....i just wanna meet new people who like the same bands and we have the same stuff in common.
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(no subject) [Jul. 9th, 2004|01:12 am]
Living Last Place: Maine's Online Music Community

[mood |hypersugar high...]
[music |with this knife-ses]

hey peep's I'm new here, but I live near Portland maine and I go to so many kick ass concerts at the state with my best friend, Andy, so far, we went to story of the year with adair which was fucking awesome and so fucking kick ass! and then i went with him to smile empty soul which was also awesome, but we needa like get strata back here and get headstart which is a local band to come back and play at the state!
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hxc [May. 24th, 2004|03:34 am]
Living Last Place: Maine's Online Music Community

[mood |blankblank]
[music |modest mouse]

hey bitches. I just joined here. because I love music. And so that I could tell you all, if you want to get this going... you coudl always go to the other Maine Music Scene livejournal thingies, and advertise this community. I mean, they are basically just like this one, but i'm sure you could get some more peopel in here that way. :)

Who is going to tbs on thursday?  And FATA, eitheen visions, and atreyu on Sunday?



Those are the two other Communities. :)

p.s. I'm from Poland Maine. Shit Yea.
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